Three Disabled Die In Home Fire

Three Disabled Die In Home Fire

Two eldery parents and their 54-year-old son died in their home Wednesday morning. The Lexington Fire Department says it did not find smoke detectors.

A family of three died in their home Wednesday morning.  89-year-old Lenville Lindon, 78-year-old Norma Lindon, and their son 54-year-old Kenneth Lindon could not survive the heat and flames.  The Lexington Fire Department says they had no warning to get out.

"It appears that all 3 occupants made an attempt to get out, and they were all unsuccesful, and we could not find any working smoke detectors, " said Batallion Chief Ed Davis, Lexington Fire Department.

While firefighters went through the charred remnants of the fire, they say they did not see smoke detectors.  The fire department says this is frustrating, because all three people in the home had physical limitations, and used Oxygen. 

"What generally happens with Oxygen is it doesn't really explode, what it does it accelerates the speed that the fire grows in.  When you feed fire with Oxygen it grows much faster, and again, we don't know if that played a part in it, or not," said Davis. 

The Fire Department says the fire started when one of the Lindons threw out smoking materials, most likely cigarettes, that were still lit, into a plastic trash can.  The Fire Department says when they arrived, nobody could have survived. 

"We got a call saying the flames are coming out of the front of the house, and the windows had shattered.  By that point that usually indicates that it's well over 1,000 degrees inside," said Davis. 

The Fire Department urges everybody to have working smoke detectors.  If you don't have one, they will give them to you for free.  If you can't install them, the Firemen will do that for you for free as well. 
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