Teen: "Don't Do Nothing Stupid Like This"

Teen: "Don't Do Nothing Stupid Like This"

A teen fire challenge is going viral - Teens are pouring alcohol on themselves and setting it on fire. One Lexington teen tried it out and went to the hospital. He is letting others know it's not a good idea.
It's a disturbing trend.

Some teenagers are setting themselves on fire, on purpose.

The Lexington Fire Department said a 15-year-old Lexington boy rubbed alcohol on himself and set it on fire, Friday afternoon.

At happened on the 3600 block of Appian Way.

The boy suffered 2nd degree burns.

The boy said he saw someone else do the challenge on Facebook, and so he was curious.

He also said he wants to let others know that they shouldn't do it.

"Don't do nothing stupid like this. I just want to warn all these kids and teenagers watching those videos to not do it and stop it because if you don't see the ending, it probably means something bad or fake."

A Lexington Counselor said parents can help their children from making these poor decisions.

"Help kids at an early age work through and process through problem solving. Do some problem solving early on about how to make good decisions. The more they practice making good decisions, the more that they make them," said Janet Vessels, License professional clinical counselor.

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