Stoner Creek Residents Bracing for More Flooding

Stoner Creek Residents Bracing for More Flooding

Some residents have more than half their backyards under water, with more rain expected this weekend.
        Paris residents living along Stoner Creek say they're used to seeing water in their backyards after a heavy rain.

        They say flooding in their backyards after heavy rains happens at least once a year, and is no where close to the kind of flooding they saw back in 1997.

        Homeowners say back in '97 the entire area along Stoner Creek was flooded, forcing many to evacuate their homes.
        They say they're not too worried about water levels rising that high anytime soon, but say they are worried about this weekend, with more rain on the way.

        Officials in Bourbon County say they expect the creek to crest overnight Friday.
        They say the creek has already risen about ten feet in the past two days.

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