Staying Safe While Sledding

Staying Safe While Sledding

By taking a few easy steps, you can greatly increase your chances for a safe day of sledding.
Sledding accidents send more than 20,000 kids to the hospital each year, so it's important to be as safe as possible when enjoying the winter activity.

Scott County Fire Department Capt. Randolph Catlette says picking a hill is an important part of staying safe.

The hill should be snowy, not icy, and have plenty of flat ground at the bottom to safely stop.

Avoid hills that end near a parking lot, road, trees, utility poles, and fences at the bottom.

Before going down the hill, check the snow for large rocks or logs that could be struck.

Make sure you can control the sled you use and always face forward when going down to avoid a collision.

Kids should wear water-proof pants and coats along with a hat and gloves, but leave your scarf at home.

Capt. Catlette says a scarf can catch on the sled or other objects and cause serious neck or spine injuries.

Lastly, sled down the center of the hill and climb back up on the sides.

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