State Auditor Investigating FCPS Budget Deficit

State Auditor Investigating FCPS Budget Deficit

After claims of financial mismanagement, Auditor Adam Edelen decided to investigate how Fayette County Public Schools went $20 million in the red.
State Auditor Adam Edelen will conduct a special examination into claims of financial mismanagement at Fayette County Public Schools. 

FCPS has a $20 Million deficit. That's not in dispute.  What is in dispute is why. 

The school district's Budget Director Julane Mullins said a bookkeeping error in 2011 is why FCPS went into the red. 

Mullins said she told Superintendent Tom Shelton about the problem, and he continued to spend as if the problem did not exist. 

Dr. Shelton said Mullins is wrong, and he calls her accusations a misunderstanding. 

Mullins accused Shelton of fraud, mismanagement, and abuse of authority. 

Shelton and Mullins both asked Auditor Adam Edelen to look into the claims. 

Mullins wants Edelen to prove she is correct. 

Shelton says he is 100% confident he did nothing wrong, and wants to cooperate with Edelen to exonerate himself. 

Fayette County School Board meets Wednesday at 6 PM.  This will be discussed. 
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