Son Says He Didn't Kill Parents

Son Says He Didn't Kill Parents

James Anthony Gray took the stand Monday -- and said he didn't kill his parents, and that his confession was coerced.
The son, accused of killing his parents in Scott County, says he didn't do it, and that his confession was coerced by police.

James and Vivian Gray were found shot to death in 2007. Their son, James Anthony Gray, was arrested in 2008. Later, he confessed. But he now says he didn't do it.

In court Monday, Gray said his police interrogator convinced him that he might have blacked out and killed them without knowing it.

"The evidence had me convinced, and I still didn't understand the blackout part," Gray testified. "He (the detective) had convinced me that I had blacked out... and I had committed this, and that's why I couldn't remember. And he explained to me that blackouts happen. People will remember eventually, or with a little time, or some hints."

Gray also said also during his interrogation, the detective took a phone call.

"I asked him, what is going on? He said that was the judge on the phone and the judge says that we're going to make you a deal and if you'll tell us what happened, we'll make sure that you don't die," Gray said.

Gray says that's why he confessed to something he now says he didn't do. The defense case continues tomorrow.
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