Soccer Fans Pack West 6th To Cheer On America

Soccer Fans Pack West 6th To Cheer On America

The U.S. took on Germany in the World Cup. The game started at noon, and people found different ways to get off work.
Every U.S. soccer game, West Sixth Brewery hosts the American soccer team's fan club, the American Outlaws.  The Outlaws are growing. 

A West Sixth bartender says these World Cup games have brought in some of the biggest crowds the brewer has ever had.

They were a little worried about Thursday's crowd, because the game started at noon.

Some soccer fans used a vacation today, and some called out sick.  One woman told her boss she couldn't come in, because her baby was sick, which was not true. 

Honesty works too.

"My boss said there was a board meeting at one so don't get too loud.  I was like I'm not gonna be here anyway.  He's like that'll be fine.  That's probably for the best.  I just kind of left.  I told my bosses.  I'm like this is happening," said Dan Bastin, a member of the American Outlaws of Lexington.

A few Germany fans came.

"I'm gonna be obnoxious loud," said Ute Childers, who was born and raised in Germany.

The U.S. lost to Germany, but we still advance to the World Cup's round-of-16.
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