Smoothie Therapy For Patients Battling Cancer

Smoothie Therapy For Patients Battling Cancer

A UK Dietician says a smoothie can help in the battle that no one chooses. Cancer patients often lose their appetite, and certain foods just don't taste the same. And a sweet, cold drink could help change that.
A smoothie can be more than a cool, refreshing drink.

A UK dietician said it can be just the thing for a cancer patient.

"Some things just don't taste the same. They don't taste like they did before. Things I loved before I would eat it and it just wouldn't taste right," said Annie Wilson.

Wilson was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer February, of this year.

She is currently undergoing treatment.

And like many other patients, finding the right things to eat during the battle can be a challenge.

Registered Dietician, Rachel Miller started up a monthly smoothie demonstration at UK Hospital.

It's a time for patients battling cancer to find that smoothie that best satisfies the appetite.

"Smoothies can kind of help with introducing different flavors to help change in taste. It can get calories and protein that are vital during time of cancer treatment.And it can help folks gain weight that they have lost," said Rachel Miller.

Smoothie demonstrations are held at the Hospital every fourth Wednesday of each month.

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