Simulated Drug Raid In Frankfort

Simulated Drug Raid In Frankfort

Police raid several businesses in Frankfort.
     "They are very, very dangerous.  They are life-threatening and they're not safe for anybody to take," says Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton.

     The simulated drugs, commonly known as "bath salts" and synthetic marijuana, can cause delusions, paranoia, violent behavior and even death.  That's why the Frankfort Police Department, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Kentucky State Police are teaming up to crackdown on the situation.

     "The problem is they aren't controlled by any government agency.  The FDA does not approve of the use.  There's no idea what's in these substances half the time," says Frankfort Police Chief Walter Wilhoite.

     Authorities raided five Frankfort businesses Friday and arrested five people.  They're charged with the sale, transfer or possession of a simulated controlled substance and face a $500  fine, as well as up to a year in jail.

     "This was a very successful day in getting them out of the hands of people who don't need to be taking them," explains Sheriff Melton.

          In March of last year, Governor Steve Beshear signed a bill banning the so-called "bath salts" in Kentucky but Franklin County Attorney Rick Sparks says the problem is that law is too specific because it's based on chemical composition so he and his team found what they call a "loophole".

     "We did our research.  We did our homework and we found, as you may or may not know, in 1992, the Kentucky General Assembly passed a simulated substance prohibition.  That law prohibits the creation, sale or possession of any substance designed to look like, act like or be marketed like a currently controlled substance," comments Sparks.

     The raids are apart of a larger effort to make the community aware of this problem.  Police also plan to continue doing checks and conducting raids to keep these illegal simulated drugs off the streets.  They will also be going around to all licensed business in Frankfort on Tuesday, handing out letters informing owners of the dangers of simulated controlled substances and what will happen if they are caught selling them.
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