Shoppers Pack Stores on Christmas Eve

Shoppers Pack Stores on Christmas Eve

Just hours before friends and family open their presents, some people are still buying them
On Christmas Eve, many shoppers went to the Fayette Mall for last minute shopping.

"It's a wonderful atmosphere.  It's a holiday feeling.  Everybody's in a good mood.  It's exciting," said Rebecca Morgan, Lexington.

Shoppers packed the mall, and the Apple store drew the largest crowds.  Everybody had a different reason for shopping on Christmas Eve.

"I like last-minute shopping," said Betty Burton, Danville.

"There are always little stocking stuffers here and there that I want to get," said Levy Bui, Lexington.

"Paycheck," said Gerran Kohn, Lexington.

"We don't have a lot of the shops that are here in Lexington," said Steve Moss, Panama City, FL.

"Doing my annual shopping trip with my daughters.  This is the 30th year I'm doing this," said Dennis Rodgers, Carlisle.

A jewelry store manager says the shopping season started slowly, but it's really picked up in the last few weeks.  Today, some shoppers beat the employees to the mall.

"I came here in the mall, and I see the customer, they're waiting before me," said Sameer Al-Dabaien, Princess Jewelers Manager.

He got to work at 5 AM.  Some stores in Lexington stay open until 10 PM.
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