School Money Questions

School Money Questions

It takes a lot of money to teach your kids. In Fayette County we've heard serious accusations about how that money was handled.
The Fayette County School Board passed the 2014-2015 budget Wednesday night.

It didn't come easy, especially after the Public Schools' Budget Director, Julane Mullins accused top officials of fraud, mismanagement, waste, and abuse of authority.

Mullins said the 2011, journal entry was irregular because Jackson made it on December 6, 2011, six months after it should've been included.

However, Rodney Jackson, Director of Finance said $20 million is not missing, and it never was.

"The conversations I have repeatedly with the director of budget and staff; trying to get them to understand it was clearly articulated as described," said Jackson. He said the money was not first documented in December of that year, but rather in September.

District Auditor, Bill Meyer said he found no problems in the fund balance.

Jackson said the budget does need to be reduced by $20 million due to increases, the recession and the boards decision to not take the liable 4% revenue back in 2010.

When it came time to discuss the proposed budget, it was a divided crowd.

"I believe the budget that is being proposed is making disproportionate cuts to special education, possibly violating federal law," said concerned parent.

"We are never going to get any higher as a district and keep our focus on the kids as long as the district in our schools operate with some type of atmosphere of fear, intimidation and distrust," said Fayette County School Board member, Doug Bennett.

State Auditor Adam Edelen is conducting a special investigation.

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