Rupp Arena On Hold

Rupp Arena On Hold

"Never fall in love with a project." - That's Mayor Jim Gray's philosophy. He is remembering those words as the city decides to suspend the Rupp Arena project.
The plan for Rupp Arena's 351 million dollar renovation has been scrapped, indefinitely.

Mayor Jim Gray said it's because UK didn't agree with the terms of the proposed lease.

UK had agreed to pay nearly 11 million dollars every year to lease the building over a 30 year period beginning 2018.

So, Gray suspended the project.

Gray said he's going to move on, but he's disappointed because the Rupp Arena design was based on what UK said it needed.

And he said everyone, not just UK, would benefit.

"A project that was going to grow jobs and our economy was going to leverage the UK brand, the Rupp brand, and the city's brand as well," said Mayor Gray.

Gray thinks it's important to build a new arena, and he thinks it will happen despite the setback.

"And when the time is right, the plan is ready," said Gray.

UK said they have no comment at this time.

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