Restaurant Owner Recovers From Burns

Restaurant Owner Recovers From Burns

Just last week the owner of Sav's Grill suffered severe burns after a huge pot of sauce spilled all over his body. And now the community of Lexington is rallying up support.
It has been different at Sav's Grill; a popular restaurant downtown, after the owner sustained burns on 50% of his body in a cooking accident.

Mamadou Savane spilled some of his sauce on the floor, slipped, and the huge pot of sauce poured all over his body.

But Sav's son, Bangaly Savane said he's still smiling.

"He's in good spirits. He will be going into surgery Thursday for skin grafts," said Bangaly.

And because of Sav's kindness, a local friend started a fundraiser through GiveForward.

In just eight days, over $50,000 has been raised.

"I'm so thankful. Lexington is doing some phenomenal things," said Bengaly.

If you would like to donate, visit:

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