Rescuing Horses Can Be Dangerous Work

Rescuing Horses Can Be Dangerous Work

A horse trapped in a pond in Madison County dies as rescue crews work to pull the animal out.
A 33 year-old horse died Wednesday evening in Madison County after falling in a pond.

The Madison County Rescue Squad says a utility crew working on a horse farm just outside of Waco discovered the horse laying down, half in the water.

The rescue squad spent 45 minutes trying to save the animal before it succumbed to hypothermia. They say the animal was alive when they found it, but say it was unable to stand on its own.

This is the second incident involving a horse falling into water this month.

The rescue squad says trying to save a thousand pound trapped animal can be dangerous to the rescuers as well as the horse.

Often times the animals panic, hurting themselves as well as anyone trying to get close.

The Madison County Rescue squad says they do all they can to save animals in situations like that, but say if the animal is too panicked they will not attempt the rescue.
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