Reaction To Estill Co. Gas Line Explosion

Reaction To Estill Co. Gas Line Explosion

After a massive gas line explosion along Kentucky 89 in Estill Co., residents tell what they saw and heard.
A gas line explosion in Estill county so big, that it could be seen and felt several counties away.
It happened off Kentucky 89, near Irvine, a little after 7 Monday evening.

Tuesday, those who live near the explosions epicenter are talking to us about what they saw in the moments after the explosion.

Officials at Columbia Gulf, the owners of the gas line that busted say they are currently  investigating just what led to the huge explosion.

But they say the answer probably won't come for a while.

"It was a big loud explosion, shook the house and didn't know what it was. I thought an airplane went down," says Steve Jones, who lives near where the explosion happened.

"Kind of a roar like when it first happened, the house started shaking," adds David Allen, another Estill Co. resident.

It was a gas explosion so huge that the glowing orange sky could be seen as far away as Fayette and Scott counties.

In the home video sent to ABC 36 News by Gary and Brandon Sparks, you can see just how massive the gas explosion was.

Less than a day later, only a few flames remain.

For those living near the gas lines, its hard to forget what happened.

Especially for Reagan Stevens, who was laying on her couch when the gas line on the property next door erupted.

"All of a sudden it was like 'boom'. I thought a bomb had went off because it was right there, not even 100 yards from me. I'm like the closest house that it happened."

Stevens says all she could see was an orange sky.

"From what I seen from just looking out, it was like hell on earth.," she recalls.

Stevens says the pressure from the explosion and flames of fire pushed her front doors in, and threatened her life.

"It dislocated my shoulder, I was holding the doors... I couldn't close them all the way because there was so much force coming towards my house."

Stevens managed to escape her home.

But she says it's the scariest experience of her entire life.

"I just... it was indescribable. I cannot emphasize enough how scared I was cause I thought I was never going to see my family again."

Law enforcement says nearly 75 people were evacuated from their homes Monday night, but no one was injured during the blast.
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