Rand Paul Gearing Up For Presidential Election?

Rand Paul Gearing Up For Presidential Election?

Could Kentucky US Senator Rand Paul be preparing to run for President in 2016? An UK Political Science Professor said he is showing signs of considering entering the race.

US Senator Rand Paul has been speaking in central Kentucky this week. Today, he spoke to an audience in Somerset and was at the University of Kentucky.

UK Political Science Professor Stephen Voss said Paul has excited a lot of conservative activists, especially the younger generation, and has a standard difference from a lot of the conservatives.

“People ask, is Rand Paul gearing up for a presidential election?” Voss said.

“A stop in a early caucus or state is a small sign, giving some national speeches is a small sign,” Voss said. “When you start massaging the way you brand yourself for a different type of audience, that's a different type of sign that he's seriously toying with going national.”

On a Sunday talk show, Rand Paul said America is suffering right now with 12 million people out of work, and he wants to be part of the answer to it.

“Whether if that's me actually specifically running for president, I don't know that yet,” Paul said.

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