Raising Chickens The New Craze in Lexington

Raising Chickens The New Craze in Lexington

Raising a handful of chickens isn't that different from owning a dog or cat.
      Several hundred people throughout Lexington, including those living downtown, are raising chickens as pets.

     According to the group, Cooperative Lexington Urban Chicken Keepers, or CLUCK, having a handful of chickens in your backyard has many benefits like daily fresh eggs, and need no more than about 10 square feet of space.

    The Lexington Fayette County Urban Government has had an ordinance on the books for years that allows for raising fowl within city limits, and the requirements are not that much different than having a dog or cat.

-You cannot have an animal that creates loud noises and disturbs the peace.

-The animal must remain within the confines of your yard at all times

-You must properly dispose of the animals waste before the smell becomes a problem.

     CLUCK says people mostly raise only hens, since they produce the eggs and make virtually no sounds. They say roosters are the 'noisy' chickens and are harder to control and have no real benefits.

      If you would like more information about raising chickens you can click on the link to CLUCK'S website below:

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