Rain A Blessing For Berea

Rain A Blessing For Berea

The city urged conservation last week, rain is replenishing the water supply
A good soaking is just what Berea needed. 

Last week the city leaders urged water conservation.  The city asked people to take shorter showers, and only do large loads of laundry.

Berea serves water to about 10,000 customers in southern Madison County.  Its main source of water is the Owsley Fork Lake. 

Last week, only about two weeks worth of water reaming in the lake.  The recent rain brought the lake up 2 feet. 

So, the city understands how most people feel about the rain, but they are calling it a blessing. 

"Rainy days are depressing.  I think the last 3 days have just been uplifting as far as I'm concerned to know we're receiving this water," said Randy Stone, Berea City Administrator. 

Stone says Berea wants to build a dam to increase water storage, but that's several years away from happening.
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