Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Possible Phone Scam

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Possible Phone Scam

A spoofed caller I.D. alerts victim to hang up quickly.
The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office is inmvestigating a possible phone scam involving a spoofed caller I.D.

The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division received a call from a concerned citizen about a possible phone scam. The call was on behalf of an elderly Pulaski County resident who had received a call over the weekend and when she looked at her caller I.D., she saw the call was coming from her own phone number. In this reported incident, the intended victim hung up on the caller before any conversation took place.

Detectives did some internet research and found similar incidents documented on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Apparently the calls are made from an automated call machine – known as a robo call. The system spoofs the caller I.D. to show up as a caller the victim would recognize and trust – many times their own number. The call then request personal information including credit card numbers.

The Sheriff’s Office would like the public to recognize that the technology exists to alter the caller I.D. information they are seeing on their home phone. If you get a suspicious call where you see your own phone number on the caller I.D., hang up on the caller or just ignore the call all together.

“Scammers are constantly finding new and sneaky ways to prey on unsuspecting victims” said Lt Brett Whitaker. “Never give out your personal information, bank or credit card information over the phone unless you have initiated that call and have verified who you are speaking with.”
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