Protests Continue In Downtown Lexington

Protests Continue In Downtown Lexington

Protestors call for closure of US-controlled detention camp at Guantanamo Bay.
     "They've been put in cages.  They've been electric-shocked.  They've been exposed to all kinds of torture," says Janice Sevre-Duszynska.

     These two women are out in the cold in downtown Lexington, holding up signs, trying to make their voices heard.  They want the US-controlled detention center at Guantanamo Bay to be shut down.
     "In the 10 years, there have been 800 men that have been held at Guantanamo.  Now, there's 171, 60 of whom have been released but are being held because of restrictions.  They've been held indefinitely and that's torture," explains Sevre-Duszynska.

     "I want people to be treated like people.  It's turning into something that is way over the top, especially when you're taking innocent people and putting them in a prison for 10 years without a trial," comments Donna Rougeux.

     They may be few in number here but protests like this one are taking place all over the nation and even the world.  President Barack Obama just signed the National Defense Authorization Act on New Years Eve, these protestors say that is bad news because it "allows the military to pick people up and hold them without trial and that's against the Constitution," says Sevre-Duszynska.

     And they hope that more people will join them as they continue to protest at Triangle Park from 5:30 to 6:30 every night through January 10th.  All of these protests will culminate with a rally in Washington DC on January 11th, the 10th anniversary.  Thousands of people are expected to participate.
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