Proper Fundamentals Key To Safe Football

Proper Fundamentals Key To Safe Football

In the midst of the NFL's concussion lawsuits, we look at what youth and high school football programs are doing to keep the game safe.
The National Football League is in the middle of settling a more than 750-million dollar lawsuit with more than four-thousand former players over concussions.

Coaches at the youth and high school levels say much of the problem with concussions could be avoided if players practiced proper tackling and hitting fundamentals.

Tates Creek High School Head Coach Mike Harmon says he harps on this players all season to keep their heads up when tackling and "bite the ball" as he calls it.

Harmon admits the evolution of the game also plays a factor in the amount of concussions.

He says players are faster and stronger, equipment is better and even the way the game is played in more space these days all play a role in the concussion issue.

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