Poythress Becoming Go-To-Guy

Poythress Becoming Go-To-Guy

Coach Cal Praised the Freshman for his 21 point effort against Missouri
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Before playing Missouri, Alex Poythress had not scored in double-digits the whole month of February, but Poythress showed off his full potential Saturday night. 

He beasted for 21 points, 7 rebounds, and did not commit any turnovers.  Poythress was so good Cal wondered who was wearing number 22, and where that guy's been all season.

"I was proud of 1) the way Alex played.  That's the best Alex has played all year, and I can go to him.  You can say we'll run something, and we're going to throw to you, because they can't guard you," said UK Coach John Calipari. 

"I agree with him.  I just try to make a play.  I think it just came out looking good," said Poythress.

"The last game his monitor showed that he was in the max range for like 15 minutes, which is 13 minutes longer than any other time.  13 minutes longer in the max zone!  I bet you this game is even higher.  We're trying to figure out if he's switching monitors with anybody else, but I don't think he is," said Coach Cal.
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