Lexington Police And Fire Switching To Digital Radio System

Lexington Police And Fire Switching To Digital Radio System

Various agencies in Fayette County are in the process of switching to new digital radios.
New digital radios are now being used by police and corrections officers in Lexington along with Blue Grass Airport.

The fire department will switch to the new system later this year.

The planning for the federally-mandated switch to digital began in 2012 and cost the airport and city $10 million.

The original estimate for the transition was estimated to have been $17 million.

Safety officials say the new radio system covers 98 percent of Fayette County and will provide for better communication inside buildings.

The new radios will also help communication between various in the county.

Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said, "It's something that is going to help us and help all of our partners to be able to communicate and be much more efficient when we are doing joint operations."

The old analog signal could be heard by the public using different smart phone apps, but that will no longer be the case. The digital signal is encrypted.

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