Pitino Takes Shot At Solid Blue Fans

Pitino Takes Shot At Solid Blue Fans

Former Cats coach jabs clearance t-shirts, but backs up Coach Cal.
T-shirts are on clearance around the state as the 40-0 chatter among Solid Blue fans and the media came to a halt on Tuesday when Michigan State handed the basketball Cats their first loss of the season.

Today, UoflL head coach and former UK head man, Rick Pitino weighed in on all the 40-0 talk and what's to make of it now.

And his answer may not sit very well with Solid Blue fans even though what he had to say is true.

Pitino did back up Coach Cal on the fact that it was never Cal who said he thought this year's team could go 40-0.  The only thing Cal said at the beginning of the season was he'd like to coach a perfect team at some point before retiring and that if this team were to do it, he'd maybe have to think a little harder about how much longer he'd be in the game.

But this, this is a straight up shot at your former fan base.  T-shirts, shouldn't be made about the future...a valid point, it just hurts coming from Pitino!

Hear from Pitino in the video.

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