Petitioner: The Resignation Of Jeff Brangers Is A Victory

Petitioner: The Resignation Of Jeff Brangers Is A Victory

Thousands of people signed an online petition to have Jeff Brangers removed from the Lexington Police Department after he shot and killed a neighbor's dog in Scott County.
Thousands of people who signed an online petition asking that a Lexington Police Officer be removed from the force for shooting and killing a neighbor's dog in Scott County, got what they wanted.

The city of Lexington said Officer Jeff Brangers' last day will be July 21st.

The people who signed that petition and who created a Facebook page for 'Angel,' the dog Brangers killed, said they were not only upset an innocent animal was gunned down, but that it was a Police Officer, sworn to protect, who did it.

Karen Devin, a petitioner, was outspoken in her efforts to get the city to take action.

"It was a victory, not only for the animals that he killed, but this is a victory for our community and those of us that spoke out and signed the petition for some disciplinary action against him," said Devin.

Devin said it was just cruel to shoot an animal who was doing absolutely nothing.

But, Brangers said he shot the dog because he thought his chickens were in danger.

"This is never been about revenge. This is about accountability, and a code of conduct we in Lexington and elsewhere expect our officers to uphold," said Devin.

We did reach out to the Brangers.

They didn't want to comment.

Neither would the city.

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