Petition Started After Alleged Boyle County Raccoon Attack

Petition Started After Alleged Boyle County Raccoon Attack

An online petition asking for strict penalties against those involved in the alleged raccoon attack in Boyle County has gained momentum.
Investigators say a raccoon was released and attacked by 3 dogs at the Boyle County Fair Friday evening.

An online petition now has more than 900 signatures.

The petition is asking for the hunting permits of those responsible to be revoked for life, for what the petition called a raccoon massacre.

It also calls for the maximum penalties and fines to be issued.

Boyle County Attorney Richard Campbell said he expects actions to be taken, but that likely won't happen for another week.

He said the Fish and Wildlife officer who will likely lead the investigation in in training this week.

Campbell said, "I think we are much safer by taking a deliberate process and going through it and making sure that we know exactly what happened."

The petition can be found by clicking here.
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