Pawn Shop Owners Cautious After Robbery-Homicide

Pawn Shop Owners Cautious After Robbery-Homicide

Wilmer Cook and his wife own a pawn shop in Danville. They said they're not afraid, but are being more cautious in the wake of a violent robbery at another shop in town that left three people dead and the gunman at-large.

Danville is trying to return to some sense of normalcy but the people of Danville are on alert as the killer remains free.

The Cook family says, it could have been them instead of the Hockensmiths.  Wilmer Cook and his wife have owned Cook’s Collectables on Lebanon Road in Danville for about six years.  They buy, sell and trade gold, jewelry, guns, electronics, tools among other things.

Cooks says because of the nature of pawn shops, owing one is a dangerous business but he isn’t afraid.

“Not afraid though, I am respectful of being more cautious and watching what goes on,” said Cook.

Since the three murders at ABC Gold, Games and more on Friday, Cook says he is being extra cautious but he plans to continue his business. 

Cook already has security cameras, doesn’t keep a lot of cash in the shop and only keeps the front door unlocked.  He says he does everything he can think of to stay as safe as possible.

Investigators described the unknown suspect as being a white male; 40-to-50 years old; with a stocky build, possibly with a pot belly, and a dingy gray or yellow beard that could have been fake.

Witnesses told police that the man may have been wearing dark sunglasses and a green Army jacket.

Police also said the suspect may have gotten away from the crime scene in a newer model gray or silver van, which had been backed into the alley leading to the drive-thru of a dry cleaners. 

Investigators said it appeared the suspect left in the van onto Fackler Street and was headed east.

Police also said the suspect may have been in the area the day before the shootings.

Danville Police are asking anyone in the community to come forward with information.

“We just need that break, that one tip; I believe the community holds that tip for us so that's why we're asking for help,” said Tony Gray, Danville Chief of Police.


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