One Person Injured in Richmond Accident

One Person Injured in Richmond Accident

Madison County Sheriff's Office investigating an overnight accident in Richmond.

A stretch of Lost Fork Road in Madison County was shut down early Monday morning as police and clean-up crews worked an accident scene.

Madison County Sheriff's deputies said they got a call about a collision on the road just after 12:30 Monday morning.

The accident happened in front of some homes along the stretch of the roadway in the 600 block of Lost Fork.

Deputies said a car and a truck were involved. The collision disabled both vehicles. Deputies said three people were in the crash but only two were found when they arrived.

Deputies didn’t say if the third person ran off and left the accident scene. One person was taken to a hospital with what deputies called non-life threatening injuries.

It was over an hour before Lost Fork re-opened as wreckers removed the vehicles and cleaned up the accident scene.

The collision is still being investigated by the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

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