No Regret Players Come First

No Regret Players Come First

Coach Cal admits he messed up last season, but won't change how he conducts program.
Last season was less than spectacular for Coach Cal and the Cats.

Solid Blue fans and experts in the media were left wondering what went wrong in Lexington.

How did a preseason top 5 team destined to at least be in the mix for a repeat national title fall so short?

Today, John Calipari admitted he was in the wrong.

That he's learned from last season.

He needs more than 8 scholarship players to keep competition for playing time at a premium.

That he can't protect his guys.

Pressure is good, and that even though his way of doing things is different...being a players first's the way things are...and that won't change.

Because Coach Cal won't live with the regret for giving kids every opportunity to change...and eventually succeed.

And if it doesn't work, at least he did it with what's best for the players in mind.

"Can you imagine if all four guys put their names in the draft. We would have had four first-rounders. Do you know what that means? This is about the players. This is about them getting better. Can you imagine that? Now you might say however you want to say why, but that’s a fact. The guys coming back should have come back. The guys that put their name in the draft, I’m going to do everything in my power to help them. We’re not changing how we do that.”

More in the video from Cal on how he plans to conduct his program and why.
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