Nicholasville Neighbors Want Convicted Sex Offender Out

Nicholasville Neighbors Want Convicted Sex Offender Out

Members of a neighborhood in Nicholasville want a convicted sex offender to leave their community after he was accused of walking around his yard naked.
     Members of a Nicholasville neighborhood have been going door-to-door passing out fliers about a convicted sex offender in their neighborhood who was recently arrested a second time.

     Police took Leonard Ray Mills into custody last week after he was allegedly seen by neighbors walking around his yard nude.

     According the sex offender registry, Mills was convicted of sodomy with an eight year-old back in 2009.

     Neighbors told ABC 36 that they want everyone in the neighborhood to know about Mills' past and say they want him out of their neighborhood.

     Mills is scheduled to have a hearing on Tuesday August 6th at 8:30am in the Jessamine District Court House.
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