New Restaurant Opens; A HS Student Owns It

New Restaurant Opens; A HS Student Owns It

A high school senior says her restaurant, Taqueria Los Amigos, will serve authentic Mexican food

Central Kentucky gets a new restaurant.  The owner says it will serve authentic Mexican food.  The owner is a high school student. 

The restaurant opens Thursday.  Beforehand, the staff prepares 2,000 tacos. 

"I'm very excited.  I'm a little bit nervous, but very excited," said Lourdes "Lulu" De La Cruz.

"My father only calls me Lourdes when he's mad at me," said De La Cruz.

Right now Lulu's parents are thrilled.  Lulu graduates from Henry Clay in June. 

Taqueria Los Amigos will be her restaurant.

"It's a lot of pressure, but I think I can handle it," said De La Cruz. 

Lulu's parents want to keep the focus on their daughter.  They say they don't want to let her fail, so they will help to run the restaurant, and with the costs.

After school, Lulu's been traveling about an hour to get to work.  The restaurant's in Danville.

Why would a Lexington student open a restaurant in Danville?  Lulu hopes to attend Centre College in the fall.

"That would be like a perfect deal if I had my own business here, and I also went to school here," said Lulu.

She acknowledges many restaurants fail, but it wasn't even open Wednesday night, and a customer came in.

Once they actually open, Lulu says customer service and good food will keep people coming back.
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