Neighbors Upset In Scott County Over Zoning Issue

Neighbors Upset In Scott County Over Zoning Issue

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a Family Dollar store, but neighbors say they never got their chance to speak out

In Scott County, the Planning Commission approved new store in a residential area. 

Construction work on the site at Hawthorne Drive and Broadway already began, but neighbors say they never had a chance to voice their opposition.

The workers have a grading permit, which allows them to prepare the site for development.  The Planning Commission approved the site for a Family Dollar store. 

Tim Brett lives about a football field and a half away.  He doesn't want a dollar store so close to his house.

"When we moved in if that type of business was right there I wouldn't have bought my house here," said Brett.

Brett never told the Planning Commission how he felt.  He missed the hearing, because he didn't know about it.

The Georgetown-Scott County Planning Commission Director said the company that wants to build is responsible for notifying neighbors. 

The Director, Joe Kane, says the company followed state law notifying some people, but did not follow a local ordinance, which requires everyone within a 500 foot area of the entire site's perimeter to be notified.

Kane said the Commission didn't know there was a problem until after the members approved the site.

"Why didn't they stop it then? The buidling should have stopped," said Brett.

The Commission meets Thursday, and the site will be on the agenda for discussion.  Brett will be there.

"I want our voices heard, and I really want this to end up being a hearing, not just a meeting.  There needs to be a vote.  Do it the proper way," said Brett.

Kane said the Commission has never experienced a problem like this before.
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