National Guard Breaks Ground On Memorial

National Guard Breaks Ground On Memorial

10 years in the making, the Kentucky National Guard breaks ground on a memorial for its fallen soldiers
  We spend Memorial Day honoring everyone who died fighting for America, but right now there is no memorial just for fallen Kentucky National Guard soldiers.

The National Guard has been planning one for years.  After it collected enough private donations, they finally broke ground Monday.

It was a historical Memorial Day for the National Guard.  They've planned the project for 10 years, but this Memorial Day was also a first of its kind for a local family.

A couple hundred people came to see the National Guard break ground.  Each person with a story and a reason for coming.

"We want to show our respect for the people in the National Guard and in the army.  They were so respectful to us when Colin passed," said Dawn Whitfill, Lebanon.

"They helped us a lot with the funeral and everything," said Adria Whitfill, Colin's younger sister.

19-year-old Colin Whitfull joined the Army National Guard last year.  He completed basic training, and in December he was coming home.  He got into a car crash three miles away and died. 

"He didn't get to be in the army long, but he loved it while he was there.  It meant a lot to him," said Dawn.

She says her son always wanted to be a hero.  He is to his mother and younger sister.

"He always tried to be brave, and that's why, I always, in everything I do I want to impress him and him proud," said Adria. 

The Whitfill's will have a memorial to pay respects to Colin and other fallen soldiers. 

The National Guard hopes to dedicate the memorial on Veterans Day.
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