Farms to Schools

Farms to Schools

A Local Elementary School Celebrates National Agriculture Day. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer promotes ways to get more locally grown food in school lunchrooms.
Today is National Agriculture Day!

Booker T. Washington Elementary school is one of several schools in Fayette County spending part of the day educating it's students on the importance of eating more locally grown products... like eggs and cheese.

Several dozen second graders at Booker T. Elementary school had a special visit Wednesday, from the new school superintendent Tom Shelton and Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner, James Comer.

"It's important that young people know where there food comes from. And, it comes from a farm, we have a lot of farmers in Kentucky and they are giving the world's healthiest and safest foods and we're just spreading that message around Kentucky," says AG Commissioner, James Comer

During the school assembly, students learned the significance of National Agriculture Day and how it ties into National School Breakfast Week.

"This was a wonderful event today. A great assembly. It was really inspiring to see how much the kids had put into there energy presentation," explains Chef Jim Whaley with Chefs Move to Schools

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a young person and we have some good farmers here in Kentucky, who are growing good healthy foods. so we're gonna work to make sure that our school lunchroom programs across Kentucky, can have good healthy, locally grown food," adds Comer

And, organizers hope other school systems throughout the nation follow Booker T. Washington's promote the use of more healthier, locally grown products.

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