Who's Running Morgan County? Judge Exec. Appears In Court

Who's Running Morgan County? Judge Exec. Appears In Court

Tim Conley plead not guilty in federal court to charges that he solicited and accepted kick backs
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Morgan County Judge Executive Tim Conley plead not guilty in Federal court. 

The U.S. government accuses Conley of soliciting and accepting kickbacks in exchange for county construction contracts. 

After the West Liberty tornado, The U.S. Attorney's office also accuses Conley of taking federal emergency funds, and paying the construction company for more work than they did.

A judge released Conley on bond, and he walked out of court as the Morgan County Judge Executive.

The Federal judge ordered Conley into home incarceration. 

The prosecution argued it will be impossible for Conley to run Morgan County without interacting with people the FBI interviewed, and witnesses who will testify against him.

The defense argued Conley is an elected official, and he has a job to do.

The judge said it's a matter for state law and the people of Morgan County to ultimately decide.  He ordered the prosecution to appoint a person unrelated to the case Conley can interact with to fulfill essential county duties.

The judge said Conley cannot have any contact direct, or indirect with any other Morgan County employees.  The judge ruled this includes Conley's sister-in-law, who works as his secretary.

The judge ordered Conley to stay on his property 24/7 with only a few limited exceptions like coming to court. 

Conley's lawyer asked his client could leave to go to church.  For now, the judge said no.

The judge scheduled Conley's trial to begin on February 4th.  The government asked the judge to block off two weeks for the trial.

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