Mom Who Claims Autistic Son Put In Bag At School Now Has Attorney

Mom Who Claims Autistic Son Put In Bag At School Now Has Attorney

Mom who claims autistic son was put in a bag at school now has an attorney.
     9-year-old Christopher Baker loves wrestling.  His favorite wrestler is Drew McIntyre.  Christopher has autism. His mom Sandra Baker says now he often plays by himself.
     "I mean he was rambunctious and now, after this situation he's just kind of been to himself," explains Baker.

     She says, sometimes, it can be difficult to calm him down but that's no excuse for what she claims happened to him at his school on December 14th.

     Baker says she was called by administrators here at Mercer County Intermediate School that her son was acting up. And what she says she found inside, shocked and angered her, "I saw a big green bag laying in the middle of the hall floor. I saw movement which was my son inside of the bag.  Now, his head was not sticking out of the bag.  His whole entire body was down inside the bag with the drawstring pulled.  Chris said, 'Momma, is that you?' At that point, I preceded to tell the aide to get him out of the bag and get him out of the bag now."

     Since the alleged incident, Baker has pulled her son out of school.

     "Why do they have the right to treat him that way.  It's wrong and to think that he could have died with them doing that, just infuriates me," comments Baker.

     Mercer County Schools Superintendent Dennis Davis says the incident is being investigated but he's not able to comment on it specifically because of privacy laws.  But, he did release a statement saying, "often conclusions are jumped-to and snap judgments are made by people who do not possess all of the facts.  Due to the confidentiality rights afforded to all students, I am not empowered to correct misinformation and misconception."

     Baker says her main goal is to make sure this alleged incident never happens again, "I want it to stop.  Not only for him, but for any other child that it's happening to because it's wrong.  It's very wrong. He was treated like garbage."

     Baker's attorneys, The Gallini Group from Alabama and Chevalier Ginn Shirooni & Kruer, located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky,  released the following statement Thursday night to ABC 36, saying he, "will be working with the Mercer County Board of Education to establish a safe and appropriate educational environment for Christopher Baker.  This legal process involves a positive collaborative effort between all parties and will focus on staff training, best practice in educating children with autism and Christopher's individualized program."

    Baker and her attorney plan to go to the school board meeting on January 19th.

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