Lexington Mayoral Primary Preview

Lexington Mayoral Primary Preview

Three people are running to be Lexington's next Mayor. Voters on Tuesday get to vote for who they want, and the top two advance. They compete against each other in the November election.
Currently three candidates are running for Mayor of Lexington.  After Tuesday's primary, there will be two.

Mayor Jim Gray says he deserves another term, because of the number of jobs he's added. 

Anthany Beatty says he should be Mayor, because as a former Police Chief he can make the community safer.

Associate English Professor Danny Mayer says he wants to shake things up. 

44 people died last year in Fayette County from a heroin overdose.  We asked all the candidates how they plan to combat what people call an epidemic.

"To identify the problem, and then the counter measures, and that of course includes education and prevention," said Mayor Jim Gray.

"It's not just a law enforcement problem, but how we do provide every aspect of the services that may be needed to help our community get through the problem," said Beatty.

"One of the things I would see as helping the heroin problem would be to re-direct the amount of resources that we currently have in busting weed offenses, and to try to put those resources into combating heroin," said Mayer.

Nationwide and in Fayette County we're seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  How would these candidates close the gap?

"In a nutshell, what I want to do is to bring the live-work-play lifestyle that we've really been told is valuable for downtown to a larger number of residents that exist in our suburbs," said Mayer.

Beatty wants to bring everybody to the table.

"Including those who are being impacted, so the person who doesn't have a job, or doesn't have a home, how do we make their plight better," said Beatty.

"Everyone in the world wants a good job.  Think about that, and it's true.  That's why putting a priority on jobs, creating the environment for good jobs is a very big deal," said Gray.
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