Man Finds P.O.W. Bracelet on Horse Farm

Man Finds P.O.W. Bracelet on Horse Farm

A man working on a horse farm on the Fayette-Scott County line finds a Vietnam P.O.W. bracelet.
Pete Gunter was working with yearlings on a horse farm just outside of Lexington when he saw something shiny in the paddock.

Gunter found a bracelet with a soldier's name on it and a date.

His wife did some research and found out it's a Vietnam War P.O.W. bracelet given to family and friends of soldiers who were missing in action.

The name on the bracelet was Ronald Page Paschall. According to Arlington National Cemetery Paschall was on a search and rescue mission in southern Vietnam in 1972, when his helicopter was shot down by enemy gunfire.

Paschall was considered M.I.A. until 1993 when his remains, along with the rest of the helicopter crew were discovered.

His name and the names of the two others that died in the crash are on a tombstone in Arlington National Cemetery.

Gunter says Paschall was from Washington state.

ABC 36 did some research and found Paschall's sister still living in Washington. Gunter says he wants to return the bracelet to its rightful owner or to Paschall's family.
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