Man Arrested And Charged For Burglary And Squatting At UK

Man Arrested And Charged For Burglary And Squatting At UK

A Lexington man was arrested Friday for stealing valuable cameras and taking up a residence inside a UK warehouse

Young people hanging out on the UK campus are not out of the ordinary. But one man has been arrested for spending a little too much time on campus.

Court documents show that man, now headed to court, not only stole from the university but was also squatting in a room at the Reynolds Warehouse.

 21-year-old Jesse Daniel Williams of Lexington was arrested Friday. Williams is charged with burglary, receiving stolen property and theft by deception.

Court records show from April 14th to April 29th Williams and a woman broke into the Reynolds Warehouse One building and established what UK Police call a homestead where they did drugs.

They say in addition to squatting at the university, Williams also stole items from a classroom, academic office and studio at UK.

Williams is accused of taking cameras valued at hundreds of dollars from the university and pawning them.

Court documents tell us during the investigation, police recovered the stolen items from the pawn shop and returned them to the owner. Williams is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges.

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