Man Accused of Violent Rape and Kidnapping Back in KY

Man Accused of Violent Rape and Kidnapping Back in KY

A man charged with raping and kidnapping a woman, at a Lexington Speedway in December is back in Lexington after being arrested outside of Detroit.

A man accused of rape, robbery, kidnapping and sodomy is now behind bars in Kentucky.
22-year-old Parico Coffey was picked up by Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies, on Wednesday, after being arrested near Detroit, Mich. on February 6th. 

According to newly released court documents, Coffey was at the Speedway Gas Station on the corner of Versailles and Alexandria, when he followed a woman to her car, pulled a gun and forced the woman into the passenger seat. 

Security camera video, from the gas station, also shows Coffey pulling the gun, the documents said. 

According to the arrest warrant, Coffey then drove to a nearby street where he raped the woman. The victim was eventually able to grab onto the gun and escape from the car on Bordeaux Drive, the arrest warrant said. She then began urgently knocking on front doors of homes on the block. When a homeowner answered, they brought her inside, wrapped her in a blanket and called police. 

Lexington Police officials said they were lead to Coffey when they received a tip from a citizen who recognized Coffey in security camera pictures released by the department. 

The victim was later shown a photo line-up with the Coffey's picture, the arrest warrant said. On the identification form, she selected Coffey and wrote, “[That] is the person who raped and kidnapped me. I am 1,000% sure, I will never forget his face.”

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