Madison Kindergarten Academy Buses Delayed

Madison Kindergarten Academy Buses Delayed

Madison Kindergarten Academy's first day of school proved to be a perfect storm in terms of getting the students home. Children were delayed for an hour-and-a-half as traffic gridlocked around the school.
It was a perfect storm for the Madison Kindergarten Academy's busing system Wednesday.

The all-day kindergarten program is a new addition this year, shuttling in students from ten different schools.

Despite careful planning... when school let out, it left a large swath of Richmond stuck in gridlock.

The students finally got off campus about an hour-and-a-half late because of the traffic issues. 

A spokeswoman for Madison County Schools says safety for the children was always at the forefront, but taking extra precautions with the kids may have actually contributed to some of the delays.

The district has steps in place to smooth out the process in the future.
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