Local Mother/Lactation Counselor Talks Breastfeeding

Local Mother/Lactation Counselor Talks Breastfeeding

Elizabeth Regan, a lactation counselor, feels our society needs to better accept mothers who choose to breastfeed their children in public
      A Sacramento mother recently was blocked from her Facebook page for showing pictures of breastfeeding.

     A few days later Facebook rescinded their decision to censor the page, which has since brought up the topic once again, about whether public breastfeeding should be accept in our culture.

    (see the Facebook page here)

    Elizabeth Regan, a local lactation counselor and mother herself, says it's good to see Facebook change their mind, but adds our society still has a long ways to go in accepting public breastfeeding.

    Regan says there's countless benefits to breastfeeding babies for both the child and the mother.

    She adds there are plenty of ways to be discreet about breastfeeding, including layering your clothing.

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