Lexington Public Library Talks About Big Fine Total

Lexington Public Library Talks About Big Fine Total

The library has kept track of outstanding fines over the years and the large number might surprise you.

It's no mystery.

As highways are to speeders, libraries are to overdue books with both yielding fines as the product.

Of course, not paying a speeding ticket may get you in a little more trouble.

"Really if you have something, you just bring it in, you pay the fine, you'll be put back in and if you're returning the material you're not going to be expected to pay for the material itself,” said Doug Tattershall, Media Coordinator for the Lexington Public Library.

Two long-time library patrons took their best shot at what they thought the outstanding total fines were.

One chose half-a-million, the other $200,000.

But they never imagined it would be in excess of $2 million.

"Oh my gosh, that's a lot of money, that's a lot of money. It's sad. It's sad because everybody uses the library,” said Connie Whitaker.

"I'd be amazed, very surprised but it's going the whole length of the system of the library so I see where that could happen. It's amazing,” said Sanford Pollack.

The Commonwealth's Attorney may not be getting involved anytime soon, but just imagine what more than $2 million could do for any public library.

Tattershall said the library budgets with overdue books and unpaid fines in mind.

The library never expects to have that money.

But if it did, it would allow the library system to pay outright for its new property at Man O’ War Boulevard and Palumbo Drive.

The Eagle Creek Branch will be moving into the building there, according to Tattershall.

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