9-Month Lexington Police Drug Investigation Nets 55 Arrests

9-Month Lexington Police Drug Investigation Nets 55 Arrests

Lexington police announce the end of "Operation Transformation." The investigation focused on drug sales in Lexington's east-end.
Lexington police announced over a 9-month drug investigation, they arrested 55 people.  Police called the investigation, "Operation Transformation." 

"These transactions took place on the street in front of the children, and it has a direct impact on our quality of life," said Lt. Scott Blakely, Lexington Police.

To prove this, police say one of the recent homicide victims was a suspect in this operation.  Police said that man was 47-year-old Anthony Carter, who was shot and killed in the east-end last month.

"We think these operations sort of help us to hit the reset button," said Police Chief Ronnie Bastin.

Operation Transformation focused on the east-end. 

"One thing that I want to communicate to the media and to the residents of Lexington is not to stigmatize the east-end.  The east-end's a compact urban neighborhood made up of thousands of residents," said First District Councilman Chris Ford.

Operation Transformation focused on crack cocaine.  Police say crack sales have been up lately, but they will continue to track down drug dealers, and Lieutenant Blakely says they will be arrested.

"In fact, we've already started our next operation," said Blakely.

As part of Operation Transformation police are still looking to make six more arrests.
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