Lexington Officials: Personal Fireworks Ban Still In Effect

Lexington Officials: Personal Fireworks Ban Still In Effect

Officials in Lexington say, despite the recent rain, the ban is still on.
Despite recent rainfall, Lexington officials are reminding everyone in the city that the personal fireworks ban remains in effect.

Here is a statement released by the city of Lexington:

"Due to rainfall earlier today (Tuesday), the Lexington Fire Department has received numerous calls from citizens asking if the fireworks ban has been lifted for Fayette County. After receiving reports that large areas across the county received little or no precipitation at all, the ban will remain in effect until further notice. The LFD will continue to monitor the situation daily, and when conditions are once again favorable the ban will be lifted. Citizens are reminded that while some may view the ban as a hardship, city officials feel that the risk of fires far outweighs the entertainment value of using fireworks.

"The ban on private use of fireworks does not mean that there will be none to see in the night sky. On the evening of July 4th Lexington's large fireworks show downtown will go on as scheduled

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