Lexington Man Invents All-In-One Smart Phone Case

Lexington Man Invents All-In-One Smart Phone Case

The 'Kit-Case' is a protective case for smart phone with storage for money, headphones, USB drives and other 'hard apps."
     A Lexington man has created a new kind of smart phone case that not only protects your phone, but  can also be used as your wallet and storage device.

     Christopher Manzo, who founded  Skipping Stone Technologies, LLC. says he's in the process of raising the necessary venture capital to launch his product, the 'Kit-Case.'

     Manzo, a long-time architect, says he came up with the idea for the product while sitting around having a beer with other architects.

        "We all had smart phones, but we had no app to open a beer," Manzo said.

      Manzo's 'Kit-Case' can hold money, credit cards, headphones, USB Drives, and other smart phone accessories. 

     Manzo has already made prototypes and says if he raises the necessary funds, he'll be able to launch his product in a few months.

     He says they're still beta-testing and working on the final design of the case to make it look 'sleeker.'

    If you would like more information on the 'Kit-Case' you can visit Skipping Stone Technologies website by clicking on the link below:


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