Lawsuit Filed Over Pawn Shop Shootings In Danville

Lawsuit Filed Over Pawn Shop Shootings In Danville

A man accused of killing three people inside a central Kentucky pawn shop last year now faces a lawsuit filed by the mother of one of the victims.
The former Pastor accused of gunning down three people in a Danville pawn shop faces more legal problems.

The mother of one of the victims filed a lawsuit against Kenneth Allen Keith.

Michael Hockensmith's mother, Barbara Lewis, says she is suing for her grandkids. 

Lewis seeks damages for the kids' loss of the care, comfort, and guidance from their parent. 

Lewis wants more than $650,000 for Hockensmith's loss of potential income, and she wants Keith to reimburse her for the funeral costs.

The lawsuit says Keith intentionally and maliciously killed Hockensmith. 

A call to Keith's attorney was not immediately returned.

Lewis says she's still having a hard time figuring out how she feels about what happened.  Her son was killed in September. 
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