Kentucky's Extreme Coupon Craze- Part 2

Kentucky's Extreme Coupon Craze- Part 2

It's a television hit and a cost-cutting craze. You'll find extreme couponers throughout Central Kentucky grocery stores.

It's a television hit and a cost-cutting craze.

You'll find extreme couponers throughout Central Kentucky grocery stores.

But many of us wonder just how 125 bottles of hand soap or aspirin will help trim our family's grocery budget.

However, some tricks of the trade could convince you that responsible couponing really does pay off.

The nation has watched Kentucky's own Nathan Engels on TLC's reality show 'Extreme Couponing'.

The Covington dad known as "Mr. Coupon" teaches classes on couponing and even has his own website and youtube channel.

We got in touch with Engels to see if we were cut out for couponing.

He was excited to share his skills with us during a recent trip to Kroger.

Engels advice for newcomers?

"Two basic tips...I call them the big o's- getting online and getting organized," says Engels. "I like to compare it to chess. Because nobody learns to play chess overnight. It's a process."

Mom, author and coupon expert Melissa Jennings says, "If your savings is thousands of dollars a year, it's definitely worth the amount of time you invest."

Engels groups his coupons by the insert type and date.

His free website '' matches up store sales and coupons.

Jennings uses a binder and offers similar, free resources on her site ''.

She says, "I clip and file every single coupon I'll use."

Kentuckians should look for coupons in the mail, online and directly through companies.

Be sure to check the wording on the coupons you're using.

Also, know your stores coupon policies and ask about their savings programs.

Kroger offers custom mailings with coupons to loyal customers who use a store Plus Card.

Shoppers can earn discount points that can be used for savings on gasoline.

And senior citizens in Kentucky receive a 10% discount off their total purchases at Kroger on the first Wednesday of every month. 

Kroger spokesman Tim McGurk says, "Something that we know about our customers is they're very busy. They're busy with their families. They're busy with their work. They're busy with their social lives."

And for many of us, the quicker, the better.

"The digital coupon is a growing phenomenon- those that you could load directly from the Kroger website to your plus card," says McGurk.

As you look for good buys, be sure to check the wording on your coupons.

Remember that coupons and store sales combine for the best deals. 

On our shopping trip, Engels total grocery bill went from $231 to $84!

Jennings got $122 in groceries for just $34!

And it turns out the extreme couponers are excellent teachers.

We bought $94 in groceries for $19.99!

Adding to Engels belief that, "You don't have to be extreme to save a lot of money!"

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