Kentucky House Reps Working To Pass Hemp Bill

Kentucky House Reps Working To Pass Hemp Bill

The bill, which would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp in Kentucky, was thought 'stuck' just weeks ago. Tuesday, House representatives worked to put it through.
Kentucky House representatives worked to get a hemp bill put through on the final session day Tuesday.

Senate Bill 50 (SB50) would allow Kentucky farmers to grow industrial hemp.

House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins (D-KY) said he and other House representatives added three parts to the bill.

First, that research and development would be done through the University of Kentucky's Agriculture Research Station.

Second, Kentucky's Department of Agriculture would handle all administrative efforts.

Lastly, Kentucky State Police would help licensing by performing criminal background checks.

However, the Senate and House have to agree on the language of the bill--and the House has to approve it--if it's to pass.

As of 6 p.m., there was no official decision.

Legislators have until midnight to decide--if they don't, the bill will die.
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