UK Football Gets Trustees' Approval For New $45 Million Football Facility

UK Football Gets Trustees' Approval For New $45 Million Football Facility

UK Football plans to build an all-inclusive football complex, completely paid by donors

UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart says it's a very exciting time for the football program. 

First Kentucky beat out Alabama in a recruiting battle, three former Cats are playing in the Super Bowl, and a whole new football facility is coming soon.

The head of the Board of Trustees' Athletic Committee says football needs to work, or the rest of the sports do not work.

The Board approved a new $45 million dollar training facility just for the football team.  Donors are paying for it.

UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart says the football team needs a new facility to compete with other SEC teams. 

"Right now we eat one place, we train one place, we have academics across campus, and it's a little disjointed.  To be able to get that all under one roof would be really important for 120 of the most important pieces of our athletic program," said UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart.

As successful as the basketball team is, football revenue still funds most of the other sports. 

UK plans to bring in its greatest football recruiting haul next next week, which Barnhart says makes it easier to raise money.

"It's hard to get people excited if you're not exactly competitive, or you're not doing the things that get them excited, so success begets success," said Barnhart.

Barnhart says he's raised more than $22 million from multiple donors.  Barnhart wants the new facility to open in early 2016.

The timing of the announcement is perfect, with signing day next Wednesday.

"It's always a coincidence.  Yes.  It's always a coincidence.  Yes, we don't plan things out," Barnhart said with a smile on his face.

The head of the Athletic Board says Coach Stoops called to thank the trustees for their support.

The 'Cats currently use the Nutter Training Facility.  When the new football building opens, Nutter's space will be repurposed for other teams to use.
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